Eat, Sleep, Heal Retreat

Let food be thy medicine

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Saturday September 26th-Monday September 28th 2015



Banish Sugar Cravings Forever!

Why do we crave sugar, it's bad for us right? but we do need it for energy so cutting it out altogether is not right either. This retreat looks at why we need sugar and why it's very difficult to give it up, but with the right know how, it can be beaten! Are you brave enough to kick the habit?


This session will be ideal for anyone wanting to:

  • start a healthy weight loss plan - say goodbye to yo-yo dieting
  • maintain constant energy levels - say goodbye to the 3pm slump
  • improve sleep patterns-say goodbye to waking through the night
  • anyone interested in having a healthy balanced lifestyle - but don’t say goodbye to the odd bit of chocolate!


Saturday October 31st-Monday November 2nd 2015



Relief for IBS Symptoms

So many people have been diagnosed with IBS/IBD, but what does that mean to you? And what can you do to help yourself? Often the medical world offers little relief and by learning about gut health and how to maintain it, you may find you can bring some control back to your bowels.


This session will be ideal for anyone who:

  • Has been diagnosed with IBS/IBD and is struggling to control symptoms
  • Has bloating/heartburn/excessive wind/diarrhoea/constipation…any other digestive system symptoms
  • Feels that specific foods cause symptoms, but aren’t sure how to manage that
  • Cares for someone with any of the above conditions



Saturday November 21st- Monday November 23rd 2015



Support for those struggling with menopausal symptoms

Whether you are peri-menopausal or have been struggling with symptoms for years, I hope that this retreat will explain what is going on with your hormones and why it's important to support hormone levels and excretion pathways to help relieve the symptoms and help you sail through 'the change' without another hot flush!


This session will be ideal for:

  • anyone suffering with menopausal symptoms
  • anyone about to hit menopause, who would like to reduce their chances of symptoms





Eat, Sleep, Heal Retreat

  • Gorgeous Accomodation
  • Beautiful Views
  • Relaxing Setting
  • Central Scotland
  • Comfortably sleeps 6-8 people
  • Healthy Food
  • Realistic goals
  • Fun recipes
  • Advice and Support
  • Gluten and Dairy Free

Relaxing and Interesting breaks, for those who want to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

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